Graphic Design in Cyprus


The greatest irony in the Cypriot market, as far as graphic design is concerned is that successful graphic designers are not graphic designers! They are anything else but graphic designers, most of them just know how to outsmart and fool clients and gain their reliance and make them believe that their work is excellent, even if their work is more than rubbish. The ones who get fooled more easily are the "great" businessmen. Having the ability to obtain customers is totally a different branch, marketing perhaps. Having in mind just how to make money, can be achieved, one doesn't even need a degree in marketing.

Graphic Design


I've started off as a graphic designer during the year 2004.

Being involved in the profession for so many years, I've experienced several aspects that have disappointed me; but what has actually stood out for me is, actually, the market, NOT graphic design as a subject. My massive love and passion for creativity, art and graphic design has kept me a graphic designer and I will continue being one until I make way for the younger generation.